Fashion Books, your photo studio in Barcelona

Are you looking forward to making a ​photo book in Barcelona and do not know where to start? Do not worry!

Take us by the hand and let us guide you through the fantastic world of digital photography.

In Fashion Books ​we are ​professional photographers and our passion is to make all kinds of books. It doesn’t matter if you don’t have any experience or if you’re a professional model or artist. We will make for you a photobook that fits your way of being, that reflects your essence and that shows, in the best possible way, your inner and outer beauty.

We are going to tell you everything we can do for you, are you with us?

Photo sessions in Barcelona

If you reside in our wonderful city or you are here for a temporary visit and you are looking for a photographer in Barcelona​, do not miss the opportunity of meeting us. As you may know, the city of Barcelona is one of the most popular and turistic ones in the world. Doing your ​photo sessions in Barcelona will make your book charge a special and different magnitude. And most importantly, it will shine among other profiles whether you show up at an agency or at a casting.

Quality photo books at unbeatable prices

We are sure that you came here looking for quality, professionalism and experience when making the photo book of your dreams.

Those of us who are part of the Fashion Books team offer you all this and, as if that were not enough, our economic prices are available to any pocket.


We differentiate ourselves from other photographers in Barcelona in that ​we​ ​do not work​ ​in batches​, but we edit each photo we take one by one. We have portable studio lighting equipment with which we can move wherever you indicate.

Popular prices and quality

Don’t you want to spend a fortune on making yourself a photo book? Do not worry, we adapt our prices so that they are within your reach and do not run out of that photo shoot in Barcelona that you so long for.

And the best, ​without diminishing in the least the quality​ of our photos.

Give a photo book as a gift

What better gift can you give your children, your partner, your family or friends than a ​photo book in Barcelona​?


Because it will be a gift that will leave them with an indelible memory for a lifetime.

And if you want to give them something visible we have the option of gift voucher. Excite your loved one three times: upon receiving the news that a spectacular photo session awaits him/her, the moment of taking the photographs and receiving the impressive final result.

Do you agree with us that giving a book is giving away love and memories?

What is a photo book?

A photo book, also known as reportage, consists of a series of photos taken with a highly professional quality. Both models and influencers, actresses or actors use their books to show the world their best face.

Do you live from your image? 

It is evident that the quality that a ​photographer for influencers or specialized instagramers prints to a photo session, greatly influences your chances of getting that dream job.

How does it work?

Your personal image communicates who you are. And it does it in such a subtle way that it can only be perceived and brought to light by a photographer with professional experience.

When making the ideal photo book there are a number of factors and guidelines to consider.

●  In personal books​, for example, it is very important to make creative freedom prevail, taking customer preferences into account.

●  In professional books ​it is necessary to be aware that they are the letter of introduction to an agency or a casting. The photos obtained must stand out on the profile of other applicants. The photographer must know how to extract all the visual and creative potential of the artist or model.


We who take part in Fashion Books ​make from teamwork an unique and unforgettable experience. We strive to create an environment in which you feel comfortable at all times. Our goal is that you can do your best.

For any type of book you choose you have to ask us for an appointment, since that day we have to gather our group of photographers, makeup, hairdressing and styling. We will all work side by side with you to get the best possible result.

What does a photo book include?

First of all we will put ​our photo studio in Barcelona at your disposal. The work of an experienced photographer will capture and extract the best of you, and will be in charge of motivating you, guiding you and discovering your full potential.

For its part, the makeup and styling team will take care of contributing their touch of creativity so that your photographic report is according to the type of photographs you need.

Do you want to know what the result will be?

The photographs obtained will leave an indelible mark on your memory and will mark a before and after in your personal and professional life.

Satisfied customers
Photos taken
Professional Makeup
Years of experience

Types of photo books in Barcelona

After a photo session in Barcelona with us you will look spectacular. And each of these photos will serve to show your inner and outer beauty on any occasion that comes your way.

Here we show you all the types of photo books that we have:

outdoor photo book

Outdoor Photo Book in Barcelona

Recreate a wide variety of unconventional poses and immortalize your image in the most original outdoor settings. Choose the place or let us choose for you among the dreamy landscapes of Barcelona.

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photo book in studio

Photo Book in studio

If you don’t have experience in posing and you want a quick, versatile, and cheap book, ask us for a study book! With only three changes of clothes and a great variety of styles, we will obtain the most attractive and original results for you.
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agency model photo book

Photo Book for models and agencies

For a casting director or an agency, your photos will be the gateway to the world of modeling… or the exit. Let us guide you to success with our ​photo book for professional models.

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actor photo book

Actor Photo Book

It is very likely that your only chance to get that role of your dreams goes hand in hand with a photo book in Barcelona. We help you succeed in your ​casting​. Ask us for ​your professional ​book of actor in Barcelona ​now!

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photo book for individuals

Photo Book for individuals

Do you know why it’s cool to take a photo session in Barcelona? Each moment you live is unique, unrepeatable and worthy of being immortalized. Why? Because you and your happiness are worth it!

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photo book for teenagers in barcelona

Teen Photo Book

Look like a super diva or a super model on your Instagram profile. You well know that your image on social networks is worth a lot. Our photos will leave all your followers speechless.

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Newborn Photo Book in Barcelona

Newborn Photo Book

Is there something more beautiful and pure than a newborn? Reflect those first moments, unique and unrepeatable, of your baby in a ​newborn photo book taken by the hand of our professional photographers.

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professional photos for influencers and instagramers

Professional photos for Influencers - Instagrammers

Did you know that behind the photos of the most popular influencers hides a ​professional photographer in Barcelona full of talent, who knows how to get the most out of his image? Let us be yours!

+ Info
pre-wedding book

Pre-wedding photo book

Learning to pose with your partner and complicity with the photographer before your wedding day is essential. Do a ​pre-wedding​ session and get the most spectacular photos the day of your link!

+ Info
photo book bachelorette party barcelona

Photo book Bachelorette party

You’re getting married? Give yourself an unforgettable experience with your best friends. We promise that in the ​photoshoot of your bachelorette party everything will be laughter and a good atmosphere.

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Personalized Photo Books or custom work

If you feel that none of the previous books fits your needs, if you need photos for your book, to capture your pleasure trip to Barcelona, to promote your corporate blog or for any other activity, contact us right now!

Corporate photos

This phrase will ring a bell, right? In our case, our extensive experience gives you the assurance that you will be working with people capable of doing their best to deliver you a dreamed photo book.

Fashion Books is a group of professionals that covers all aspects of photography. The team is made up of photographers, designers, hairdressers, stylists, makeup artists and coordinators.

We all have extensive experience in the modeling and photography sector in Barcelona. We also have the experience gained in another of our photographic studios ​Estudiobooks in Barcelona.

Photos for catalog

Are you looking for the key to success for your ecommerce? ​A catalog of products ​with striking photos will be the best way to communicate with your customers and to promote your products or services.

Photos for business or emotional coach

Coaching helps to increase the professional and personal effectiveness of a human being. And our mission is to accompany you to visualize that trip with exclusive photos for ​your website or dossier,​ shall we go?

Professional photos for your project or company

A corporate photo puts a face on your company and is the key to awaken the interest of your customers. The objective of our camera will help you give your business a dynamic, modern and professional image.

Photos to illustrate your book

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Do you want ​to illustrate your book with original and impressive photographs? Contact us, tell us what idea you have in mind and we will help you translate it.

Event photographer

An unforgettable event must be reflected in unique and memorable photographs. We photograph ​your personal or corporate event ​from the same heart, as if we were just another participant.

Photography of interiors, spaces, or architecture

Each space is a world in which every detail counts. ​Shooting ​indoors or outdoors is more complicated than it sounds. And getting perfect pictures is a job for professionals.

Product Photos for Online Store

An online store is made up of texts, but especially images. Increase your sales and gain new customers by promoting your products with our high-quality photos.

Lookbook photos

If you are a stylist or designer, illustrating your collection in editorial format or taking photographs of your products individually is essential to impulse the purchase decision.

Inspire seriousness and security to your clients with your photos.

The photographs of a lookbook must allow to visibly appreciate every detail of your store’s designs, as well as your brand’s catalogs. It is important that the images taken are strictly true to reality​. We guarantee that when your customer receives the product, they will notice that it is exactly the same as what they had seen in the photos.

We are experts in making lookbooks on a neutral background to avoid distractions and we take maximum care of the details of lighting, perspective and color reproduction.

Increase your sales and considerably reduce returns with our professional photos!

Why Fashion Books? What differentiates us from other photographic studios?

There are many characteristics that make us different from other photographic studios in Barcelona. Among them, we tell you some so you know why choose us.


Experience is a degree

This phrase will ring a bell, right? In our case, our extensive experience gives you the assurance that you will be working with people capable of doing their best to deliver you a dreamed photo ​book.​

Fashion Books is a group of professionals ​that covers all aspects of photography. The team is made up of photographers, designers, hairdressers, stylists, makeup artists and coordinators.

We all have extensive experience in the modeling sector and photography in Barcelona.


Edition and exclusive style

Our work is meticulous, each of your photos will be individually retouched. We do not apply filters like other digital photographers do.

Since no two people are the same, each photograph in the report is edited exclusively and professionally according to your personal style. And we don’t stop until we get the best possible result.


Efficient Service

Our work is not limited to the first contact, quickly solving your queries, scheduling the reservation and taking photographs. This would be offering you the same service that anyone can provide.

You will count on our continuous advice and, after the PreBook conversations aimed at planning the photo session, you will have our permanent support whenever you need it.


We love our work

Fashion Books is a young and dynamic team that loves their work and whose main objective is that you enjoy photo sessions as much as we do.

We are extremely flexible, we adapt to any type of need you may have and we are completely open to your suggestions. Professionalism is our brand.


Wide catalog of books

We put at your disposal our catalog of books and we help you choose the most suitable for your needs. And if we do not have it, we will gladly design it for you in a completely personalized way.


Friendly treatment

It does not matter if you are someone who wants to make a book once in life to share it in a particular way with their friends or if you are an agency or a company.

Our friendly, cordial, respectful and empathetic treatment is the same for all our clients.


Own production

We do the complete job (without intermediaries) of ​photographic pre-production, production and post-production​. And we use the most advanced software and material on the market for this. This will save you not only money but also your valuable time.


Quick delivery

In 15 days we deliver your carefully edited and retouched book. In the event that you need your photos before, when you contact us, let us know.

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Below we have prepared a complete guide with possible questions and their answers, so that you do not have any doubts before hiring a photo book.

If you still have any questions, contact us via e-mail and we will gladly reply as soon as possible.

Do you travel outside of Barcelona?

If the type of photography requires it or you want to make the book in a specific location, we have no problem moving around to do the job. The price of the service is subject to an extra valuation for travel.

How is the photo delivery done?

You can stop by the studio to pick up the work or we can send it to you through the Wetransfer application.

In what format are the photos delivered?

In digital format. We do not do photo printing.

Are delivery deadlines respected?

Our delivery margin, once you have chosen the final photos to be edited, is 15 days. But it is possible that in high season this margin will be extended due to the greater volume of orders we receive. The photographer will inform you during the session or at the time of giving you the “raw” photos about the exact delivery date.

In the event that you urgently need the photos, even before the 15 days stipulated, when making the reservation we will specify the exact date.

If smartphones have become excellent photography tools, why to hire a professional photographer for your photos?

For many reasons:

●  Because the professional photographer will know how to guide you at all times regarding poses

●  He will know how to get the best out of yourself in terms of expressions

●  He will make good frames

●  He will prepare the most suitable lighting

●  He will perform editing of levels, light, color, and textures

●  He will know how to do the ideal professional retouching for your photos

●  And many more things that will make your photos professional and completely different from

home photos.

Do I have a space to change clothes in the studio?

Of course! Our studio has a bathroom and a specific area for makeup and styling where you can comfortably change clothes.

How long does a photo shoot last?

It will depend on the book you have chosen and the ease you have in front of the camera. There are people who find it more difficult and others, such as professional models, who already have experience and take less time. In any case, if you do not have experience, we will help you to develop naturally. In each section of the ​book types you will find the determined duration of it. For books with long or unlimited duration we stipulate a maximum of 3 hours.

The approximate average to make a good photo book without haste is approximately 2 hours.

It's my first time. Will I measure up?

You don’t have to worry about a thing. We will work with you in a relaxed and friendly environment. The photographer will guide you through each step and will make things easy for you so that you only have to take care of following his instructions and forgetting everything else. And if you also hire the makeup service, the hairdresser or the stylist, they will all make you feel very comfortable. Throughout the session they will stay with you helping and supporting you.

Note: To make a fashion photo ​book it is not essential to have experience or be a professional model.

How many photographs are taken in a photo session?

There is no specific number. We do not look for the world record for photos per hour, what we try is that all the photos that are taken are taken care of and are useful photos. To give you a rough idea, they usually shoot between 100 to 200 photos per session.

Are all the photos in the book retouched and delivered?

You will be given all the photos resulting from the session, but only the final and agreed upon in the pack you have chosen will be retouched.

Can additional photos be retouched?

Yes, once we have given you the final work, if you like the result and want us to touch up more photos, you can ask us. Depending on the number of additional photos you request, we will give you a price per photo. The more additional photos you ask us, the price per photo will be cheaper.

Can I choose the type of retouch for my photos?

We carry out our retouching style according to the theme of the book made. Photos of a cosmetic product are not worked in the same way as photos for actor; retouching and editing are totally different. However, if the client, whether individual or professional, wants a specific touch-up, we fully adapt to his demand. Of course, the client will have to request it at the end of the photo session. We do not accept changes once we have submitted the final work.

Who chooses the final photos to retouch?

They are always chosen by the customer. But if you are not sure about which photos to choose, we give you the option to advise you or choose them ourselves based on our experience.

Can I bring a companion to my photo shoot?

Of course, you can come with whoever you want to the session. That you feel comfortable is essential for us.

Can I hire a book as a gift?

Yes, we have a gift voucher design that we personalize with the recipient’s name. The person who receives it from you must contact us so that we can schedule the date for the book. Thanks to this gift voucher you will have a physical item to hand deliver.

What is the composite?

The composite is a document or business card of a model or actor, intended to be delivered to agencies. In it, personal and contact data are reflected as well as physical characteristics or disciplines. It also serves to present in castings. In the model book it is a service that is added in the pack. And so you don’t have to worry about designing one, we deliver it to you along with the book.

Can I request a photo in Black and White?

Of course. If you want to have any of the final photos edited in black and white, let us know before we proceed to edit them.

I don't usually do well in photos, is it a problem?

Throughout our history we have met many people who make this comment related to photogenicity. It is not a problem, we are photography professionals and we will look for ways to make you always look spectacular.

How many people are in the studio while I take pictures?

I want to take sexy photos and I’m ashamed. During the photo session in the studio there will only be you, the photographer and a make-up artist or stylist, if you have hired them. We are very used to taking lingerie photos for catalogs, sexy photos or nude photos. We assure you that you will feel at all times at home.

Are you also a modeling agency?

No, we only do photographic work. But we can recommend you some of the best modeling agencies in Barcelona, ​​focusing on the ones that have received good references.

How far in advance should I book the photo shoot?

There is no predefined time, everything will depend on when you need the finished work. We usually take approximately 15 days from the moment you tell us which are the final photos to be retouched.

On the other hand, we are completing our study reservation agenda based on the clients who call us. If you need the photos quickly, we recommend that you contact us and book as soon as possible

to avoid running out of dates. If you make a long-term reservation, no problem. Also note that if you can only get them on Saturdays, this is the most requested day.

I want to take the photos outdoors. Can you help me choose the exact location?

If you do not have a specific place in mind we can help you, since we have made many photo books outdoors and we know a lot of beautiful places that may interest you. You just have to ask us.

Can I cancel a photo session reservation?

If you cancel a reserved session, you will lose the payment and deposit paid as a reservation. If for some other reason an unforeseen event arises and you cannot go on that date to make the book, we can find you an alternative date and you will continue to keep your deposit.

Can I request an additional change of clothes in my book?

Yes, you can request the additional changes you want and, depending on their quantity, we will inform you of the extra price.

Do the prices include makeup, hairdressing, and styling?

No, these have a supplement for the services provided by our professionals. In each of our packs we inform you of the available extras and their prices.

For personal books, would you recommend the clothes I have to bring?

Yes, you can speak directly with the photographer who is going to carry out your session and ask him for advice on what type of clothes you should bring for the changes.

Can I make a book with my pet?

Of course you can! In Fashion Books we love animals. We can do the photo sessions for you both outdoors and in the studio.

Team Fashion Books

merce photographer



Photographer with a background of more than 10 years of experience. Dynamic, creative, and intuitive are qualifications that define her as a fashion photographer and actor. Specialist in photo books for models and actors, she has a very refined and creative technique in lighting, editing, and professional retouching so that each of her photos is at the forefront of the market.

mjose marketing department

Mª José


During her career she has worked as coordinator of editorial and production teams in audiovisual production companies. She is the perfect piece to unite the best team for a photo shoot in Barcelona. Art director at professional and recognized publishers and publications, she joined the Fashion Books project to contribute her dynamism and experience.

marc professional photographer



Experienced photographer with more than 12 years of experience in the field of fashion and photo books in Barcelona. During his career he has published several reports in magazines and specialized media as well as he has acquired great experience in acting and techniques to obtain the maximum performance from the models in each photo session.

What do our customers say about Fashion Books?


Contact us for any questions or queries or to make a photo book reservation or request a quote. We will contact you as soon as possible. You can do it through our contact form in a simple way:


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