Pre-Wedding Photo Book in Barcelona

Are you about to get married? Tell your love story with a pre-wedding photo book in Barcelona! Here we will reveal the best kept secrets that a couple’s book offers before the wedding.

A ​pre-wedding photo book ​will not only tell the story that led you to the wedding, but it will also serve as a practice session so that the photographic technique does not catch you by surprise on the day of the wedding. Taking a photo book before saying yes will make your wedding photographs impressive.

Why to make a pre-wedding photo book?

Do you wonder why it is important to get a pre-wedding photo book? The answer is simple: the photos taken before the wedding will help you learn to pose together in front of our camera. You will have the opportunity to practice both with you and with us, the approaches that favor you the most.

A pre-wedding photo report aims to get you to know your most natural and original attitudes and aspects, but also to learn how to enjoy a photo session together.

Become experts in posing in front of our camera before your wedding day arrives!

Photo book for couples in Barcelona

When our clients ask us for a ​photo book for couples in Barcelona​, ​​the first thing we think is that it will be one of the most important days of their lives. And as such, we must put the best of ourselves at both a professional and human level. We want to take you funny, spontaneous and full of illusion photos. We are aware that these photos will remain indelible in your memory.

Since our ​professional photographic team has it all, you won’t have to worry about post-production; we take care of retouching the photos you indicate with professional editing tools. You also don’t have to worry about prices, as they are the most competitive on the market.

It is essential that we get to know each other well before taking your wedding photos and for this a pre-wedding couple book​ is ideal, do you call us and we do it together?

Advantages of the Pre-wedding Photo Book

● Ideal for Couples

●  Surprise your partner with a unique gift book

●  More open planes playing with the outer backgrounds

●  Much more extensive color editing

●  Possibility of moving photos

●  More improvisation and spontaneity in the photos

●  Diversity of spaces or backgrounds within a zone or outdoors location, or also in studio

●  Endless possibilities of light and shadow types

●  Possibilities of blurring backgrounds and focusing on subjects

What does the Photo Book for couples include:

●  3 different costume changes (looks) and creatives

●  At least 100 photos taken, all are delivered raw

●  10 final photos with professional editing and retouching in high quality

●  Acting: Aid in poses and skills

●  No specific duration (maximum 3 hours)

●  Photos taken in studio or outdoors

●  Delivery time: 5 working days to deliver the raw photos and 15 days from notification by the

client of the final photos

●  Delivery method: By Wetransfer or Collection in our studio

Extras available to add to this Book:

●  Professional Makeup/Hairdresser: Our makeup artist will be during the entire photo session and will make a first full makeup/hairstyle and modifications and touch-ups for the following changes. ​Price of makeup and hairdressing service: 60€

●  Costume stylist: Our stylist will prepare before the session all the complete looks according to the client’s needs. During the entire photo session she will be present to help you with the changes and adjustments of the wardrobe. ​Styling service price: 90€

●  Additional retouched photos: ​Price 10€ / Photo

pre-wedding photo book in barcelona


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