Teen Photo Book

Did you know that a photo book for teenagers in Barcelona has to have certain special characteristics? That’s right, not just any photograph is suitable to successfully pass a casting. Let’s see together what they are!

A photographic book for teenagers ​that can, for example, be an ​18th birthday book ​must be made with special care and to bear in mind several important factors.

And one of these factors is that the photos must be according to the age you have. ​Only a professional photographer will know how to find that special touch and the right point that is needed to differentiate the photo of a teenager from that of an adult.

Rest assured that an agency looking for teen models will outright discard any of your photos that appear as an adult or over-reacted person.

The perfect gift to celebrate your coming of age

A photographer who’s well up on a ​photo book for the coming of age will never make you look

older than you are.

The first step is to be clear about what type of book you need and what you want to transmit. It is likely, although it is not the most common, that the agency will give you specific guidelines to follow. Whether or not you have a previous criterion, we will help you find the setting, the wardrobe, the makeup, the hairstyle, the postures and the most appropriate gestures for you.

We must not forget that light and background will play a fundamental role in obtaining the perfect photographs, and when we say “perfect” we mean those that will not leave any casting director indifferent.

In short, taking advantage of our long history and experience, we will guide you, step by step, to obtain the most professional photos, those that allow you ​to overcome the casting of your dreams without stumbling.

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Advantages of Teen Photo Book

●  Ideal for both teenagers between 10 to 18 years old

●  Special creativities for teens

●  Ideal book for birthdays or specific dates

●  Possibility of funny and moving photos

●  Improvisation and spontaneity in the photos

●  Diversity of spaces or backgrounds in studio, or within a zone or outdoors location

●  Endless possibilities of light and shadow types

●  Possibilities of blurring backgrounds and focusing on subjects

●  Possibility of taking the photos in a group of friends (in this case there would be no skin


What does the Photo Book for teenagers in Barcelona include:

●  3 different costume changes (looks) and creatives

●  At least 100 photos taken, all are delivered raw

●  10 final photos with professional editing and retouching in high quality

●  Acting: Aid in poses and skills

●  No specific duration (maximum 3 hours)

●  Photos taken in studio or outdoors

●  Delivery time: 5 working days to deliver the raw photos and 15 days from notification by the

client of the final photos

●  Delivery method: By Wetransfer or Collection in our studio

Extras available to add to this Book:

●  Professional Makeup/Hairdresser: Our makeup artist will be during the entire photo session and will make a first full makeup/hairstyle and modifications and touch-ups for the following changes. ​Price of makeup and hairdressing service: 60€

●  Costume stylist: Our stylist will prepare before the session all the complete looks according to the client’s needs. During the entire photo session she will be present to help you with the changes and adjustments of the wardrobe. ​Styling service price: 90€

●  Additional retouched photos: ​Price 10€ / Photo

photo book for teenagers in barcelona


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